Dance the Dream Performing arts students learn technique, vocabulary, history and culture for different styles of dance including hip hop, jazz, contemporary modern dance, partnering and Creative dance styles . 

They apply this knowledge and perform meaningful movement patterns. Additionally, the classes they take highlight leadership such as the importance of community, teamwork, collaboration, and positive group interactions through dance partnering. In addition we focus on life and job skills, and we value a nurturing and supportive environment that balances discipline and rigor with fun. The students in this program will go through a series of performing arts training and compete and travel around the world. The program culminates with an informal performance showcase by the students, to demonstrate their knowledge gained during the program for family, fellow students, teachers, administration and community members.


Performance Team :

Dance the Dream performance team welcomes students ages 5 and up . The students on this team study various types of dance techniques such as ballet ,tap ,jazz , hip-hop etc. They have amazing opportunities and travel and perform at community events ,music festivals, basketball games, and more. 

Junior Company:

Junior company is made up of dancers between the ages of 9-11 who are beginning to focus on individual performance processes and technical skills.  Dancers are encouraged to advance their individual abilities and push their physical and performance limits. At this level, dance is no longer an activity in which we merely have fun but rather a challenging and rigorous lifestyle that promotes the exploration of the physical and mental self and the use of movement as expression. 

Senior Company:

Senior Company is composed of a group of serious dancers, competitors, and artists aged 13+.  These dedicated students compete, teach, and take classes in several forms of dance and are on the way to becoming professionals in their art.

Class Spots are Limited!